Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club (N9RJV) Supports Jamming While Hams Complain About Board Member Racist Gary (N9VU)

Key Summary Items:

  • Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club (SARC) receives repeated complaints about Gary Bernstein, a board member – they ignore those messages and protect Racist Gary. Some messages are below.
  • Gary has recently started directly stating his representation of SARC in his abuse to amateurs globally; SARC, by default, is complicit in his abuse.
  • SARC should lose any official club status by the ARRL due to their collusion with Racist Gary, and clear support of his abuse.
  • Screenshots sent to us illustrate how he’s abused and harassed an incredible number of amateur radio operators.

This website has been read by well over 30,000 amateurs across the globe since it’s inception. The interest has been astounding. Because of the high visibility, we’ve been able to receive messages from people around the world about his behavior.

For Reference, here are his very own words describing his club’s EMCOMM:

      Ham Radio Bloopers - Gary Bernstein 1

His reputation on Facebook is well known outside of Facebook:

Most recently, it was brought to our attention that Gary had an uptick in abuse, and has been repeatedly harassing Amateur Operators that live in various areas of the country. At times, presumably while intoxicated, he incorrectly assumes these people are involved in the creation of this site, or part of the “lies against him”. Typically, though, they’re just people reposting/sharing posts from this site. His M.O. is to abuse those people he sees sharing the site, which shows him as the racist, foul mouthed pervert ham that hides behind a fake cover as a “good ham that doesn’t jam”.

One incident of particular interest involves an individual who sent multiple emails to the Club Officers at The Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club. The individual attempted to bring to The Club Officer’s attention, that he was being harassed by N9VU via e-mail. Said individual advised the Club Officers that N9VU was directly invoking and representing the SARC name whilst making various threats. The Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club did not acknowledge any of the emails sent by this individual, instead it appears they chose to ignore or support the behavior or club member, N9VU.

The list of SARC officers that support Racist Gary’s Jamming and presumably, his negative representation of their club:
President Matt Walsh, AC9IG
Vice President Russ Schmidt KC9NUV
Secretary Cliff Sowka, K9QD
Treasurer Chris Brewer, AC9GN
BOARD OF DIRECTORS (current term)
Board of Directors Gary Bernstein, N9VU (2018)
Board of Directors Kent Ochs, W9KAO (2019)
Board of Directors Dirk Smith, W0RI (2019)
Board of Directors Leo Ribordy, N9NBH (2020)
Board of Directors Frank Giampa, N9QPD (2020)

The First E-Mail Sent to SARC, as sent to us:

On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 3:15 PM, <redacted> wrote:

Gentlemen, I have been contacted by one of your board members multiple times through the year and it has risen to the level of harassment. I do not appreciate the contacts I’ve had with him and it reflects very poorly upon the SARC club that one of your board members would conduct himself in such a way. I feel that this is an issue of Conduct Unbecoming of a board member. Your board members are a direct reflection on your club and should conduct themselfs as professional radio operators when. I would like to add that I have never even visited the state of Illinois and I am not [other victim] and other than through social media I have never met him.

I have enclosed screen shots of the most recent harassment. I will be making a report with my local police department as well as making a record with the FCC and if it continues further I will be contacting my attorney.
I would also like to share my information with you so that you may verify who I am. I trust that you will not pass this information on to Gary Bernstein so that he may further harass me.

[personal information removed]

I look forward to hearing from you with what actions you will take to correct such problems.
[signature removed]

Second E-Mail, after zero replies received:

I’m guessing since I haven’t heard back from anyone that no one cares what is being done which is unfortunate since he’s a direct representation of your club. I really did expect more from HAM operators.

[name removed]

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Gary Self Incriminates using same old terms he jams with on local repeaters, screenshots below:
It’s clear that Racist Gary has a problem with the Military:
“Sticking you out every other week” – Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club stalks amateurs? Give out your personal information? Racist Gary want’s to engage in doxing!
For some reason, in nearly every message, he mentions gay…. wonder why…
More of the usual.... rambling about echo link, his facebook messages (look on this site, the archive is here), and more gay sex comments. N9VU, N9RJV
More of the usual…. rambling about echo link, his facebook messages (look on this site, the archive is here), and more gay sex comments.
This is particularly rich… threatening to call someones employer. I wonder how that call would go… Good luck with that one.
Representing SARC, who might be sending out their cucks for operation “the jammer surely isn’t Racist Gary”:

SARC will be supporting their own demise by sending out their own cucks to stalk, harass, and potentially get into a lot of trouble.

as time permits, remaining items of interest will be posted – there are more items pending in the queue…

New Screenshot anonymously sent in this afternoon:

The reddit users mentioning WV9MJS (SK) and the abuse to him are referencing this material that Racist Gary uses to jam Chicagoland Repeaters: – note, these are the actual files that gary archived on his own personal (publicly available soundcloud account)