Raw Soundcloud Metadata

   "data": [{
                    "artwork_url": "https://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000185881910-u6if6u-large.jpg",
                    "commentable": true,
                    "comment_count": 0,
                    "created_at": "2016-09-29T21:22:04Z",
                    "description": "Thanks all for the support on my SoundCloud page, but due to some asshole here in Northern Illinois who is a malicious jammer to Ham Radio frequencies I had to make my sound creations private. His latest antics included playing my sound files from here giving people the false impression I was doing the jamming. It's really sad that just because some people are so sexually inadequate they resort to having sex with their cocker spaniel and when the dog turns him down, he goes on a mad rampage. For what it's worth this is a sound file dedicated to this guy, a real war hero, the kind that runs and hides from the enemy.",
                    "downloadable": false,
                    "download_count": 0,
                    "download_url": null,
                    "duration": 17555,
                    "full_duration": 17555,
                    "embeddable_by": "all",
                    "genre": "",
                    "has_downloads_left": true,
                    "id": 285327494,
                    "kind": "track",
                    "label_name": null,
                    "last_modified": "2016-09-29T21:22:05Z",
                    "license": "all-rights-reserved",
                    "likes_count": 1,
                    "permalink": "robby-7",
                    "permalink_url": "https://soundcloud.com/gary-bernstein/robby-7",
                    "playback_count": 36,
                    "public": true,
                    "publisher_metadata": {
                        "urn": "soundcloud:tracks:285327494"
                    "purchase_title": null,
                    "purchase_url": null,
                    "release_date": null,
                    "reposts_count": 0,
                    "secret_token": null,
                    "sharing": "public",
                    "state": "finished",
                    "streamable": true,
                    "tag_list": "",
                    "title": "Robby 7",
                    "uri": "https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/285327494",
                    "urn": "soundcloud:tracks:285327494",
                    "user_id": 13458469,
                    "visuals": null,
                    "waveform_url": "https://wis.sndcdn.com/SLx3RzPmGvM6_m.json",
                    "domain_lockings": [],
                    "monetization_model": "NOT_APPLICABLE",
                    "policy": "ALLOW",
                    "user": {
                        "avatar_url": "https://i1.sndcdn.com/avatars-000230970851-gxg5pi-large.jpg",
                        "first_name": "Gary",
                        "full_name": "Gary Bernstein",
                        "id": 13458469,
                        "kind": "user",
                        "last_modified": "2016-06-14T02:13:45Z",
                        "last_name": "Bernstein",
                        "permalink": "gary-bernstein",
                        "permalink_url": "https://soundcloud.com/gary-bernstein",
                        "uri": "https://api.soundcloud.com/users/13458469",
                        "urn": "soundcloud:users:13458469",
                        "username": "Gary Bernstein 1",
                        "verified": false,
                        "city": null,
                        "country_code": null