Racist Gary, N9VU, Unsolicited Rant, Goes Nuts Lying Again

Here we go again, it’s become clear that Racist Gary (N9VU, Board Member of Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club, N9RJV), cannot resist random outbursts and seemingly drug or alcohol infused rants that make little sense.

In this latest installment of the Racist Gary chronicles, he begins by once again ranting about how the “video is doctored” or “its all fake!” #FAKENEWS!


For readability, here is the text content:

For everyone’s information, this was a made up video featuring private recordings I made and shared on Sound Cloud. The author of this web page has a grievance against me for personal reasons and took it upon himself to produce this video and a liable web page. The video was produced with my voice and likeness. The background you will see a strong signal produced by the author to create a likeness of a signal produced by me. INCIDENTLY MR. AUTHOR, I can prove I wasn’t even home at the time you produced this video assuming you know how to time stamp things legitimately. If anyone would like more information on the author and his antics, feel free to EMAIL me at my hot mail account with my call sign and I will be glad to share with you THE TRUTH. Thank you.

It’s humorous that after 6 months “I can prove I wasn’t even home at the time” is his latest go-to excuse. Well, that’s simply a 100% fabricated statement, and the reasoning behind the two separate videos – the first video of baseline RSSI testing was to disprove any statements like “I wasn’t home” or “that wasn’t me”. He was recorded having a legitimate conversation to establish baseline levels for comparison. If he wasn’t home, who was communicating using his voice, callsign, and holding an entire conversation from his home?

Most importantly – in this comment, Gary admits 100% to ownership of the soundcloud files, AND the recordings obtained while prank calling/harassing my parents. If the soundcloud recordings are yours, you have effectively admitted to everything, most importantly, harassment-by-wire.

Moving along, several (as per usual) comments were entered and INSTANTLY deleted. It appears Gary doesn’t realize the comments are saved and sent immediately via e-mail and push notification, regardless of whether or not he deletes them. Reference below:

gary-n9vu-k9iik-sarc-n0rjv-monkey-comment gary-monkey-n9vu-n9rjv-k9iik

Nice job admitting (once again) to everything.