Racist Gary Bernstein, N9VU, board member of Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club loses mind again, advocates murder

In yet another critical mistake, Racist Gary (N9VU), a standing board member of the Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club, N9RJV, made a statement on the 145.290 (KA9VZD) repeater on 3/2/2017 where he asks for someone to shoot and kill another amateur operator in an immature outburst of rage.

Audio File Here:


“You guys need to do something about W9RCN, Rob Abraham, Biggest Asshole on ham radio, he’s over there right now on the Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club repeater … why don’t you guys keep him, why dont you do us all a favor, why don’t you SHOOT the son of a bitch, PLEASE shoot him. KILL him”

He’s correct about one thing, being on the Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club repeater – calling him out after he made yet ANOTHER harassing phone call to my elderly parents. Indeed, he was called out in front of his fellow club members and fellow local amateurs. This will be done each and every time any of us become aware of more of his antics. Every. Single. Time. If the SARC club would do anything about their abusive board member, it would be in their best interest at this point.