It’s Now December, and N9VU is Still Jamming…

N9VU’s club (Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club) was notified, the FCC was notified, the ARRL is aware of the jamming, but Gary is still going at it. It’s now December, a couple months after he was initially caught jamming, and he’s continuing to trash Chicagoland repeaters. Something else that’s totally insane, Gary is still listed on SARC’s board of directors. It’s mind blowing that this guy hasn’t been kicked out of the Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club. Their own bylaws forbid Gary’s type of behavior. It leaves one to postulate that they are OK with his jamming activities. Either that, or everyone’s turning a blind eye on this guy tearing up the airwaves, and trashing local repeaters.

Here are some recently recorded audio files of Gary trashing the 145.290 MHz repeater in Antioch:

2016-11-30_21_00 –

2016-12-03_18_00 –

2016-12-06_19_00 –

2016-12-14_19_00 –

2016-12-15_17_00 –

2016-12-16_17_00 –

2016-12-20_19_00 –

2016-12-21_17_00 –

2016-12-21_19_00 –