Arnie Ginsburg is Gary Bernstein’s fake Facebook account – this is the one he uses to harass members of the HamSexy group, and HF operators he gets into fights with during QSOs, etc.

*** Update *** Gary renamed his “fake” Facebook account from Arnie Ginsburg to Bernie Cholhsrac.


Gary’s standard (named) account was previously blocked due to absolutely childish and ridiculous harassment. There are several messages in which he actually admits (several times) to jamming both 145.410MHz (formerly KK9DX, KB9I repeater), and 145.290MHz (KA9VZD), as well as Mitch (WV9MJS) on Simplex, and how much he enjoys triggering him into episodes of screaming and yelling.

Mitch was a Disabled American Veteran who passed away, and did not deserve Gary’s repeated childish abuse.

It ends now.


This photo, of my newborn daughter and myself was among the first of my Facebook images he reported as having “nudity”
Gary Bernstein also reports images of other Amateur operators as well, inciting drama in Facebook groups.


Gary refers to my newborn infant daughter as a monkey.



Gary sends me my elderly parents phone number, incorrectly (per usual) assuming it’s mine, and I live there. Immediately prior to that, he repeatedly (and still does) dials my parents, hangs up, or leaves obscene messages.