Gary Loses Mind, Internet Commenting Spree, Accidentally Self-Incriminates Again


This one is particularly ridiculous – note that Gary again uses the phrase “Robby” – as he does in his actual jamming actions.


  • Proof: Well, that’s listed right here.
  • Robby: Self-incrimination again.
  • Convicted Felon: Nope. Completely false. Never been charged with a felony either.
  • The reply was from “Jacob Delaney” – not “Rob”


Unfortunately for Racist Gary, his comments here just connected him once again, after-the-fact, that he’s indeed the jammer as described on this site. He said (almost verbatim) most of the things in this comment in one of the recording instances of him jamming 145.290/KA9VZD. He also used similar phrasing in his attacks against Mitch (now deceased.)

That “libel lawsuit”threat  is the most laughable thing he’s said to date. When you’re forced to disprove these facts, (they’re facts.) and subpoenas are issued for backend data that validates the data shown on this website…. well, you get the picture. You might want to consult a lawyer before spewing out empty threats.