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More Abuse by Racist Gary, Sent in by visitors

If Racist Gary happened to be a smart man, he would avoid dropping little bits of information that link all of his actions together (see: “monkey” comments) in his harassing messages to other hams. Since Racist Gary is apparently not a smart man, I’m sure this will continue, and his fellow board members at the Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club will pull their own collective head out of their ass and start doing something about it before it becomes a visibility problem for their club.



Racist Gary apparently lonely on Christmas 

Racist Gary apparently had nothing better to do on Christmas than to send an obnoxious email, and jam the 145.290 MHz (KA9VZD) repeater in Antioch, IL.

2016-12-25_21_00 –

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"
Content-ID: <>
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-MS-Exchange-CrossTenant-originalarrivaltime: 27 Dec 2016 01:32:55.7790 (UTC)
X-MS-Exchange-CrossTenant-fromentityheader: Internet
X-MS-Exchange-CrossTenant-id: 84df9e7f-e9f6-40af-b435-aaaaaaaaaaaa
X-MS-Exchange-Transport-CrossTenantHeadersStamped: SN1NAM04HT128
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 27 Dec 2016 01:32:56.0958 (UTC) FILETIME=[26C041E0:01D25FE1]

After a short break, Gary resumes his jamming on two local repeaters

Gary continues his jamming efforts after a short hiatus.

On 10/19/2016, Gary caused intentional interference (AGAIN) to the KA9VZD repeater during at least two occasions:

18:00 Hour:

And, again during the 19:00 Hour:

Additionally, on the same date, he caused interference to the N9WMN (145.410) repeater as well during the 18:00 Hour:

Gary Leaves Former Callsign on Fake Facebook Profile, Self-Incriminates

First, Gary panicked and changed his Facebook profile name on his “abuse” account… It’s now “Bernie Cholhsrac”

A NOTE: If there is any attempt made at faking messages to and from this individual, I will provide raw (in-person) data to illustrate the truth. Contact for more information if needed.

Unfortunately (for him), he forgot one critical detail that ultimately proves beyond any doubt who’s behind the fake profile… That facebook UserID is 100010761222699.

That Facebook ID has been linked perfectly to the messenger user in question, per the attached image:


Not only do we note the MATCHING IDENT, but also the title of the developer console, “/messages/pending/WB4YQR”

Facebook UserIDs are the underlying identification mechanism that facebook uses to tie things to a particular account. A user may change their name and all associated profile information on their account, but the underlying UserID will not change.

For the record, “Bernie Cholhsrac” is the same user as the previous one used for harassment. The user ID on both accounts remains the same 100010761222699 the page is archived here.

Look at that… Sure looks like a call sign to me.

This image would be of particular interest, note “Gary Bernstein” comments on his own fake profiles picture:


Continues talking to himself, while making fun of polish people:


And it would appear the jig is up, but you be the judge.